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I am originally from Vidor, a small village near Treviso in the Veneto region. At the foothill of Valdobbiadene, a region that is very well known for is Spumante. 

I grew up in a very tight family, whom shared with me their tradition and origins. 

Back in the days, Prosecco Wine wasn't very common, actually almost none existent outside the region, whereas for us was a very common wine to drink, which was present in every meal and every celebration. Prosecco was consumed to celebrate, to be degustaed with a meal but also in a relax time. 

Since I was a kid, during the holidays I was going back to Vidor. I used to imagine to go back in time, with the farms and the simplicity of the people there. 

I always been very attached to that reagion and still am. That is way in 2004, at some point in the middle of my twenty-five years in the motor career, I decided to give some space at my passion, the world of wine. 

I started to travel a lot, trying to learn as much as possible, until 2008 which was the year I founded my company, at first it was a side job, but only a few years after it became my full-time job. 


The wine world has changed enormously in the past years. Often due to some temporary trends, like the use of a certain type of grape or the way to interpreting the disciplinary, almost to the point of forgetting the art of wine production, forgetting the beauty of differences of cultures and humans around the world. Emigrants that took with themself something to start a new life. 

Even if I don't own my vineyard, I always surrounded myself with friends in the world of wine, owners, and people behind the production. 

Talking and sharing ideas, tasting and walking the small paths between the grapes, my desire grew bigger, I wanted people to know my land through a glass of wine. I manage to realize my dream thanks to these people, their support, and help. Now I can proudly put in a bottle my brand. 

The many travels help me to meet more people and new interests, which constantly gave me satisfaction. Giving me something new to work on, but most important to share. 

My philosophy about wine wants to break the distance that people may have, whichever they may be, almost to say that the world is a bit nearer and deserved to be known. 

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